I became a bulldog lover the first time I laid eyes on 8 week old Vivy in 1994. She was my first bulldog and she had so many health problems that I became an expert in bulldog health. In fact, I finally wrote a book about English Bulldog Health called The Healthy Bulldog, available from my website BulldogHealth.com

On this blog you will find additional information intended to expand and update the information in The Healthy Bulldog. Here you will find articles I’ve written or collected from bulldog experts. It is intended to have the latest information on bulldog conditions, especially where allergies and skin problems are concerned.

It will also contain answers to questions I receive through my website.

Although I attempt to provide information that is accurate and helpful in solving your dog’s diseases, there are often conflicting views on how to treat bulldog disorders. This blog is to be used for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by a qualified veterinarian.


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  1. bbarona Says:

    Hello Jan, My baby is 6 and he has not yet been neutered, but we are seriously considering the surgery so that he does not develop any prostate problems in the future. The vet is recommending that we also do the soft pallete surgery at the same time. We live in manhattan and are very confident in the care that he will recieve, but I am nervous about the anesthesia and the recovery time. Are the benefits to the surgery worth it? How long does this combo surgery take? What can we expect when he comes home?

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