My New Bulldog Blog Site: Ask Bulldog Health

June 10, 2009

Please go to my new blog, ask bulldog health for newer posts and answers to your questions!


2 Responses to “My New Bulldog Blog Site: Ask Bulldog Health”

  1. drearias22 Says:


    I have an 8month old male bulldog. He just thew up for the first time @ 3am today. I cleaned him right away and tried to give him water but he didn’t want any. I took him out and he went to the bathroom normally. No diarrhea !…. I gave him some white bread and he ate it and half a piece of ice cube and ate that as well. However he seems down and doesn’t want to come out of his cage. What else should i do or worry about?! should i take him to the vet?


    • Hi Drea,

      Was there anything in what he threw up? Dog’s have a reflex regurgitation to foreign
      objects that get in their stomach. But some things can pass part way through his intestines.
      If you think he’s eating any stuffing from a toy or any other kind of rawhide or indigestible
      item, you should take him to the vet right away. If he won’t drink water for 24 hours he will
      be dehydrated and that can be very dangerous for a dog. If he were acting normal I would
      say wait and see but since he’s not drinking and seems to feel bad I think a trip to the vet
      would be in order.

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