Luxating Patella (Floating Kneecap) in Young Bulldog

January 28, 2008

guess what i bought some seatone for my bully is name lennox
he is two but we are having trouble with back leg to which
we are told he has arthitis can u believe two my god well
lets hope these work for him he is so fabulous


Hi Joanna,

I haven’t heard of using Seatone as a supplement for arthritis – you might want to try
glucosamine supplements.

This could be what’s called a “luxating patella” or floating kneecap- a common genetic disorder in our bullies.
Unfortunately this type of injury can lead to arthritis even in a young bulldog because the loss of cartiledge
can lead to bone rubbing on bone.

He may need surgery to correct this and help prevent him from becoming lame and/or
suffering more arthritis.

Your can read a little more about it here:

Your Bulldog Pal,


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