How To Find a Good English Bulldog Vet In Your Area

January 14, 2008


I was wondering if you know of any places I can find a list of vets
in Northern NJ who specialize in english bulldogs….
my bully is constantly sick and I don’t feel the vets in my area are
well read on the breed….
if you have any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!


Hi Renee,

I’m sorry to hear your english bulldog is having so many health

To find a vet in New Jersey, I’d recommend you ask other bulldog
owners in your area. Ways to find them would be to find your
local chapter of the Bulldog Club of America: the Bulldog Club
of New Jersey

For those of you who read this and are located in other areas
go to the Bulldog Club site and look for your local chapter.
You can also do a google or yahoo search – just type in
your state + bulldog club

They should have a lot of bulldog owners in your area. And
I would just contact some of the officers or go to a meeting.

Another thing you could try is to find a local vet school. Vet
schools tend to be well versed in the latest techniques and
equipment. And most vets study bulldogs in school because
of their unusual breed characteristics.

You could also call your breeder if they are located in your
area and ask them where to find a good vet.

Finally, you could go to and do a search for
an english bulldog group in your area.

Your Bulldog Pal,


2 Responses to “How To Find a Good English Bulldog Vet In Your Area”

  1. bosco71 Says:

    Hi Renee,

    I am also a bulldog owner in Northern New Jersey and I am also having some strange health problems with my 2 year old male bulldog. He’s already had two surgeries to correct a urethral prolapse, which is very rare. Our current Vet doesn’t seem to have a strong knowledge of the breed and can’t help me to prevent the condition for happening again.

    Did you happen to find a good bulldog vet in the area? If so I would appreciate if you could pass along the information.

    Hope all is well with your puppy.

    ~Dana Lotz

  2. jkennedy5 Says:

    I am looking for a Bulldog vet in Northern NJ, any luck on this?

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