Car Chasing Bulldog

January 6, 2008

How do you break one from chasing cars?


Hi Catherine,

This is really a training issue and I deal primarily with health issues, but I can
offer some advice.

Dog have an instinctual tendency to chase after moving things. This comes
from early days when they needed to chase down prey in order to eat. So
it is your dog’s natural behavior at work here.

Your bulldog needs some obedience training. I’m not sure of his age,
but the earlier this is done the easier it will be.

First of all, never let your bulldog off the leash or he will get run over
by a car.

Personally, I always hire a puppy trainer so I can get my dog (and me) on the
right track. The essentials are come, sit, stay, heel, and walking on leash.
If you have properly trained your dog, you can give him commands to
stop chasing and barking behavior.

You can also take your bulldog to obedience classes. I do think it’s
best to get professional help because you need to learn the best ways
to train your bulldog.

Once your dog knows you are the boss, you can more easily control his
behavior. Dogs are pack animals and always look to the “alpha” leader
for guidance.

Chances are your bulldog does not know you are the leader, so training
is essential to stop this car chasing behavior. You must spend time every
day training him to get the results you want. 40 minutes a day of walking
and training will be a good start. Do this in two 20 minute sessions.

Here’s a link to a site with more dog training resources:

I hope this helps.

Your Bulldog Pal,


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