Bulldog Butt Scooting: Anal Glands Need Attention

January 3, 2008

Hi Jan,

Recently, my 20 month old female bulldog , sits and drags her bum across a
rug. If we use a medicated wipe on it, it seems to help. Is there anything
else I should be doing?



Hi Linda,


Butt scooting is a sign of impacted anal glands that need to be “expressed”.
You can take your bulldog to the vet or you can remedy this yourself.

Warning: there can be an unpleasant smell associated with this procedure.

If you attempt this yourself and she shows any signs of pain be sure to call
your vet to have it done.

Anal glands are small glands to the left and right and just below a dog’s anus.
They normally secrete a little fluid onto the stools when she defecates.
They can become impacted and uncomfortable for your dog, so she tries to
relieve this discomfort by scooting across the carpet.

There are two ways you can do this yourself.

First put warm water on a washcloth and clean the anus area.
Put on latex gloves. Hold a tissue outside the anus to collect
the fluid that’s “expressed”.

Method #1:
Press the sides of the anal gland together by squeezing with your thumb
and forefinger. You may have to try a few angles on the gland to get to it.
You can use moderate pressure. You will know it’s worked when a foul
smelling brownish fluid comes out the anus.

Repeat for both sides.

Method #2:
Lubricate your gloved finger with vaseline.
Put your finger inside your dog’s anus and with your thumb on the outside,
squeeze the gland by drawing your thumb and finger towards the anus.

Repeat for both sides.

Here is a website with an illustration of where the glands are located
and instructions on this procedure:

The anal glands normally express themselves with the movement of the
stools in your dog’s intestines.

There are a couple things you can do to try to prevent this from occurring again.

Be sure there’s enough fiber in your bulldog’s diet. Oat bran and flax and
raw vegetables such as carrots are good sources. Check the fiber
percentage on her food – you may want to switch to a food with higher fiber content.

Regular exercise is good to keep things moving and it’s good for her heart

Your Bulldog Pal,



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