Dog Bones – Are they good for your bulldog?

December 24, 2007

Hi Jan,

I’m writing you to ask about lamb bones called
Lamb Trotters. Brutus loves to chew, we had him
chewing on a mega busy bone, which lasted a long time
and he seemed to enjoy. But in our attempts to
completely switch him over to a all natural diet. We
started looking for a natural chew that would seem to
last. I came across these Lamb Trotters (lamb seems to
agree well with Bru, and he loves it) Have you had any
experience with these lamb bones? Any feedback would
be greatly appreciated. I have heard both positives
and negatives as you usually do while researching most
anything. We do respect your opinion. Thanks again.


Hi James,

I am not familiar with Lamb Trotters, but I’m assuming they are
boiled and then covered with something tasty.  The main problem
with giving your dog cooked bones is that they are very hard and
your dog can wear down his teeth scraping them across the bones.

My bulldog Vivy actually filed down her canines by about an eighth
of an inch working on the large white leg bones.

The other danger is cooked bones can splinter into small pieces,
which your dog could then swallow.  The english bulldog has such
a powerful jaw that they can easily crush a bone.

I don’t know if these bones are cooked this way, so keep an eye on
Brutus and see what he does with them.

Raw bones would be better because they are not hardened the way
the cooked ones are.  Of course, they are pretty messy and stinky!

Your Bulldog Pal,


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