Coughing in English Bulldog

September 19, 2007

Hi Jan,

Please be honest, in your opinion if the dog is playful (chases my son the
cat) plays tug a war does the biting your hands (like a pup does) and my
sons pant legs….but does the hacking routine, not all the time but enough
(he did it pretty god after his bath this am) should i worry…. we go back
to the vet in a week, but i am just really guarded after what happen to the
last pup…..I really just want to cry every-time he coughs, it does not seem
to bother him, put hey he’s a bully no complaining is in his genes…..


About the cough. There are different types of coughs that mean different
things. Since he is active and eating fine, that indicates he feels ok.
But I don’t think it is normal to be coughing all the time. Is your vet
familiar with bulldogs? If he’s not familiar with bulldogs, I think you
should see a different vet, perhaps a specialist.

If he’s going in this week, I think you could wait,
but maybe you should call them and ask if they think he needs to be
seen sooner.

The hacking cough could be an indication of several things including
kennel cough, pneumonia, allergies, and even heart problems. Does he have a
discharge coming from his nose? if so, is it clear? a competent vet
should be able to tell you what’s going on with him.

If he has an especially long palate, it could be the source of his

——————-follow up——————————

I though I would give you an update….yesterday my husband and i thought
about what changed in our house since we got our pup….we started using
carpet freshener (spray) so we gave the pup some benedril and a bath and he
is doing better, we are shampooing carpets today to get ride of the
freshener…i spoke to a vet friend of mine she said he might have a little
viral cold since he has clear snot but he is so playful…..thanks again


So it may be an allergic reaction he’s having. When you shampoo the
carpets be sure to use a mild carpet cleaner without perfumes or
pet odor eliminator. They absorb a lot through their paws so you
don’t want any harsh detergents



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