Neutering of English Bulldog

June 4, 2007

hi, really enjoyed your healthy bulldog guide. full of useful information.
i do have a question about anesthesia. my 6 month old bulldog otis is due
to get neutered and i am extremely worried about his breathing while under
anesthesia and may cancel the surgery altogether. am i overreacting or is
this a concern that is shared by many bully owners?

any help in this subject would be appreciated. thanks

In my experience with hundreds of bulldog owners, I have never heard
of any complications from anesthesia during neutering surgery.

Anesthesia is always a concern with a bulldog, especially if yours has
breathing problems to begin with. But the neutering surgery is simple
and quick, so in most cases it is not a problem.

There are a few areas where you can be vigilant. Be sure you have a
surgeon who is familiar with bulldogs and uses appropriate anesthesia
and the minimal amount. Be sure the facility is meticulous with their
sterilization of instruments. And be sure that the facility is not too warm
as he could overheat if placed in a pen at the top of the recovery room.



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